VILMA S.A.S. – Conductor bar system – Electrical trunking with moving collectors - Multi-conductor trunking - Insulated conductor trunking - Electricity supply lines


Individually insulated bars arranged in a horizontal or vertical position

  • Creation of a network with a variable number of conductors
  • Easy installation and maintenance of bars and pantograph collectors
  • Protection against accidental contact with the conductors
  • Curving in situ possible in horizontal or vertical position
  • Long creepage distances
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Technical characteristics:

  • Overall bar dimensions:
    width 11 mm x height 19 mm
  • Easy to curve in situ with radii from 1500 mm and in factory with radii from 500 mm
  • Rated up to 90 A
  • Number of conductors as required using stacking
  • Under cover installation only
  • Degree of protection: IP23


  • Supply of power and control of self-propelled trolleys on overhead conveyors with switch points, elevator sections, expansion joints, etc.
  • Electrical power for hoists
  • Communication system between moving items of equipment
  • Capable of adaptation to special applications for supplying electrical power to mobile equipment

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